Are you spending too much time on your construction log?

Do you fill it in and then forget about it? Does all your data end up in a physical file, gathering dust? 

Download our free how-to guide and take the first step towards digitizing your site diary today.


  • The multiple benefits of a digital site diary
  • What to record in a daily or weekly construction log
  • How to switch from pen and paper forms to reduce paperwork
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Custom site diaries

With PlanRadar, you can customize the daily or weekly construction log so that you and your team are collecting exactly the same data, in the same format, every time. If your company has several sites, you can make sure every site manager is using the same forms.


More portable than paper

You don't need extra equipment to fill in a site diary. Just use any available mobile device - whether that's a cell phone or a tablet - and fill it in as you walk around your site, including photos and voice recordings if needed. 


accessible data at all times

Compile your site diaries into progress reports for your clients or access the data via statistics boards to spot and resolve patterns. Store them safely in the Cloud in case of future claims.